Tours are a kind of trip that involves easy and laidback sightseeing in various places. The tours can be in water, land, or air. This type of tour depends on the place as a landlocked country like Nepal may not be able to provide a ship excursion tour in the sea. Visitors choose the type of tour they prefer according to their nature. Some people prefer to be alone, some people prefer to visit with people they know like family or friends, and some people would like to travel in the company of strangers to form a new bond. Tourists can be divided based on many categories. Some of them according to the visitor preference can be:

  • Individual Tour
  • Family Tour
  • Friend Tour
  • Vacation Tour

Tours can be to visit a new place or explore the same old places. It can take place at the national level or international level. In Nepal, there is popular demand for specialty land tours. Tours generally will have a departure point and one or multiple destinations throughout the day. You can reach your departure point by flight or land transportation. For instance, Kathmandu UNESCO World Heritage Tour organized by us, Himalayan Advisor, has seven destinations that you will visit throughout the day. The transportation is by car, jeep, hiace, or bus according to the group size.

We at Himalayan Advisor offer many types of tours according to your need. They can be for normal sightseeing, religious, adventurous, or historical and cultural purposes. The tours can be combined with treks or hikes. You can also travel to higher altitudes on many tours. All the tours we offer have the best services like guides, entrance fees, accommodation and food to satisfy your needs during your stay. We also have day tours and multi-day tours for you in different famous places of Nepal that attract many tourists throughout the year.

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