Hike or Hiking is a long walk throughout the day or for a few hours in the countryside or hills. The concept of a hike is to walk for pleasure. It is short than a trek where you walk daily for multiple days. The hiking can be of a day or two where you will walk leisurely up and down in hills and plain lands, along the footpaths of the countryside, through the dense forest to enjoy the scenery, and nature and meet with different cultures. The walk during the hike will end before nightfall. It is a physical and off-time activity where hikers enjoy the nature walk with fresh air away from the daily presence of urban surroundings.

Hiking comes with some physical and mental stimuli. You must be prepared to overcome any obstruction during your trip. So preparing with a plan and equipping proper clothes and gear is a must task. The landscape, climate, flora, fauna, and weather are some factors to look into during planning. Also, equipment necessary for the hike and proper clothing must be prepared in advance with necessary supplies in the backpack.

Along with the preparation of equipment and proper plan, safety measures must be prepared in advance with proper maps or GPS systems. So, we at Himalayan Advisor have prepared all the requirements for your hike for the day. We will assure you about the ways to go, look out for sudden topography, climate, weather, and dangerous flora and fauna, and help you to pack the proper equipment and clothing needed that you must have during your hiking. There are many hiking destinations in Nepal and we will choose the best one for you to ensure your time is spent wisely in Nepal. Some of them are:

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