Ms. Shanti Karki

Tour Guide

Shanti Karki

Shanti Karki is a professional tour guide with praises from every client we have received. She, after completing her high school, gave her all to move forward in the sector of tourism and graduated tourism. She is ongoing her master’s degree in culture to garner more knowledge about the tourism sector. She received her license to be a tour guide in 2019. She is one of the tour specialists in Kathmandu Valley who is more involved and has expertise in Nepalese culture, history, and archeology. Knowing unique spots of many regions in Kathmandu valley, and knowledge of many historical and architectural sites, she is one of the best in this field. She is also inclined toward the subject of hospitality which is bread and butter in the tourism industry. Socializing with guests and always moving a step forward to provide the guests with what they deserve is her philosophy in the field of travel and tourism. She is a young self-motivated and hardworking girl with friendly and jolly nature which is the reason for her easiness to connect and interact with people.

Shanti’s Words

“Being born and raised in a family where my father was already in the tourism sector made me see the tourism sector from very near and made me familiar with the activities related to tourism. I was always interested in visiting new places, and new people and eager to learn more about their culture and traditions. I always valued Nepalese culture and traditions from the inner core of my heart and I was always passionate about visiting different places in my country and cherishing the beauty of my country with my own eyes and promoting my country to the rest of the world.”