Ms. Rabina Khadka

Tour Guide

Rabina Khadka

Rabina Khadka is one of the most educated and experienced women in our organization. She holds a graduate degree in BTTM (Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management) and a postgraduate degree in subjects like Nepalese History, Culture, Archaeology, and Political Science. After completing her courses, she worked in the field of tourism for half a decade using all the knowledge she gained during her study. She is passionate to learn new and exploring the unknown. She enjoys working as a guide and interacting with people from various nations. The five years of work experience have molded her mentality to grasp all the difficulties and problems she faces in the line of her work and solve them with ease.

Rabina’s Words

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – Anonymous. “Travelling is an artistic approach that gives me opportunities to explore all these different experiences and ways of learning. I want to continue exploring the beauty and elegance of our universe in my life and my career. In my career as I’m interactive, I might get too tangled in a particular case and it will be a challenge for me to put my profession first and personal opinion later.  For me, seeking and exploring the mysteries of our world even whether it’s large or small is like discovering and collecting jewels from our mother nature. I enjoy traveling from one place to another which leads me to understand more about the physical world. I decided that my gratitude towards nature would only deepen and advanced if I learned more about the underlying theory of the nature of beauty instead of the beauty itself and also more convinced that we can gain insights into the very large structures in our universe by looking at the smallest structure of any place or thing.”