Mr. Pankaj Thapa

Tour Guide

Pankaj Thapa

Pankaj Thapa is one of our experienced and oldest tour guides. He lives 500 km west side of Kathmandu near Bardiya National Park but currently resides in Kathmandu. He finished school and jumped on the wagon like everyone else to come to Kathmandu city for higher level education. After graduating in English literature, he was influenced by the field of tourism for his future career. It might be the influence of his birthplace as the national park is rich in flora and faunas like Bengal Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos, and Crocodiles along with other natural and cultural influences of the region. So, he trained to be a tour guide and got certified with a government license in 2016. He is an entertaining and hardworking tour guide who can work in this challenging industry as all the people we meet are different. He can appease different guests with his charming personality and quick decision-making skills.

Pankaj’s Words

“In our Hindu religion, we learn that every guest is God. So, I see every foreigners and guest that come for visit as a God. I am always careful about them and their health and want to provide them with better service and maintain the best relationships with them.”