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Our Team

Team building is an important part of being a successful business. Because we are young entrepreneurs, have a bright vision for the future as well as being willing to do things not always like they have been done before.

At Himalayan Advisor, we work to create a strong, working relationship with each of our team members. By doing so, we value creativity as well as connections. In our philosophy 1 + 1 = 3. When we work together, we become greater than the sum of our parts. And that translates into budget pricing as well as incredible service for you, our customer.

Each of our team members is from the mountain areas of Nepal. Each of us is proud to have been born and raised in this wonderful country, and look forward to sharing it with others. Each of us brings unique experiences and knowledge in order to develop the strongest possible team to serve you.

Now let’s meet our team and see for yourself just how unique and committed we are in serving you.

Official Staff

  • Mr. Paneru Rishi Ram Mr. Paneru Rishi Ram Chairman RISHI RAM PANERU is Chairman of Himalayan Advisor (P) Ltd. Working in the main office in Thamel, he was also born in the shadows of Mt. Manaslu in Gorkha District. As a young man, he grew up in Chitwan District where he learned to appreciate not only the mountain region, but also the jungle regions of the country and the foothills in between.

    Rishi received his tourism and sociology degree and went on to become a government licenced trekking guide. He worked his way to becoming a city guide with extensive knowledge about Kathmandu and the surrounding Valley. It was only natural that he become a company owner, working in partnership with Krishna and Nabaraj.  Like the other owners of Himalayan Advisor, his knowledge of Nepal and tourism is from both scholarly as well as practical experience.

  • Mr. Lamichhane Krishna (Kris) Mr. Lamichhane Krishna (Kris) Chief Excecutive Officer Mr. Lamichhane Krishna (Kris) is CEO and Executive Director as well as Founder of Himalayan Advisor (P) Ltd. His office is located in the very heart of Thamel, the tourist capital of Nepal in Kathmandu. Kris has launched this firm in cooperation with three other professionals to create the ultimate budget travel and trekking company in Nepal.

    Kris was born in the foothills of Gorkha District in the shadow of Mt. Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world. He grew up with a love of the mountains. He started out his career as a porter to trekking guide and finally a company owner. It is this first-hand experience that gives him that special edge to make each trek and holiday unique and enjoyable.

  • Mr. Thapa Nabaraj Mr. Thapa Nabaraj Adventure Director THAPA NABARAJ is Adventure Director of Himalayan Advisor (P) Ltd. Like his partners, he also grew up in Gorkha District where he could see beautiful Mt. Manaslu on a daily basis. He went to school in the mountains, falling in love with the natural beauty as well as the opportunity to experience new adventure in his native Nepal.

    Following his graduation from high school, he became a licensed trekking guide, working all across Nepal where he obtained first-hand knowledge of the remote places.

    Whether it be the popular places like Everest or Annapurna, or the more remote locations like Humla and Gorkha Districts, Nabaraj knows these places and is happy to share that information with you.

  • Ms. Bhusal Saraswati Ms. Bhusal Saraswati Sales & Marketing Assistance SARASWATI BHUSAL is our assistance of Sales & Marketing. She joined our team in February of 2011 and has proven herself knowledgeable and dedicated in the area of promotion and development. She can really “crunch the numbers” when it comes to getting the best deals for our clients. Saraswati is in developing marketing and sales strategies in order to provide each of our clients with the best possible prices in the area of budget adventure tourism. You can contact for marketing and sales at 00977 9845649150.


  • Mr. Shrestha Hem Mr. Shrestha Hem IT Consultant SHRESTHA HEM is our IT Specialists here at Himalayan Advisor. Like the rest of our staff, he has been with us from the beginning. He manages all of our IT work with a great deal of efficiency. He also is owner of Wild Stone, a Kathmandu based IT company. We are very proud to have him on our staff in a part-time capacity.


  • Mr. Bhatta Hari Prasad Mr. Bhatta Hari Prasad Guest Relation Officer HARI PRASAD BHATTA is Guest Relations Officer for Himalayan Advisor. He has been with the company since its founding, and is from Gorkha District. He is the one who usually greets our clients at the airport and makes sure that they are happy and content throughout their entire stay in our country.


  • Ms. Sunuwar Nisha Ms. Sunuwar Nisha Office Assistance NISHA SUNUWAR serves us faithfully as office assistant. An important part of Himalayan Advisor, she cleans, files, makes tea and serves customers with her friendly smile. Nisha is from Kathmandu and has been with Himalayan Advisor since its inception.


  • Mr. Dhungana Laxman Mr. Dhungana Laxman Chief Accountant LAXMAN DHUNGANA is part of our Account team. He joined Himalayan Advisor joined in 2011 and has proven himself quite a capable team player.
  • Mr. Thapa  Madan Mr. Thapa Madan Trekking Guide & Climber MADAN THAPA is a trekking and climbing guide who has been with Himalayan Advisor from the beginning. Like many of our team, he was born in Gorkha District in the western part of Nepal. He has received above and beyond the required government training as a trekking and climbing guide and has guided climbers to elevations of 6100 meters. He is dynamic and fun to work with, making every adventure and exciting one.
  • Mr. Sharpa  Ang Chhiring Mr. Sharpa Ang Chhiring Climbing Guide ANG CHHIRING SHERPA is our mountain climbing guide. He was born in the shadow of Mt. Everest and has climbed the world’s tallest mountain four times. He has also climbed several other 8,000 meter peaks and has a superb track record for safety as well as customer service. He knows the very high Himalayas. He has been qualified above and beyond the minimum requirements for a climbing guide, and knows how to make very climb a fun adventure.
  • Mr. Thapa Manoj Mr. Thapa Manoj Tour Guide MANOJ THAPA is our Tour Guide. He is our most recent member of the Himalayan Advisor team, joining in September of 2014. He speaks fluent English, holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management and worked with NGO’s before following his love of the mountains and culture of Nepal. He is a certified tour guide in Nepal, and loves to explore new areas of the country.
  • Mr. Limbu Bikash Mr. Limbu Bikash Trekking Guide BIKASH LIMBU is a trekking guide. He is one of our older guides, now in his mid 40s, which makes him ideal for working with older trekkers as he has a great deal of patience. He is from Ilam District in Eastern Nepal. He worked in Singapore for 10 years before the lure of his native mountains drew him back to Nepal.


  • Mr. Koirala Ganesh Mr. Koirala Ganesh Trekking Guide GANESH KOIRALA is a trekking guide from Sindhupalchowk in Nepal. Ganesh has been working with over 10 years of experience, and started in September, 2011 with Himalayan Advisor. He worked his way up from porter to becoming a government-certified guide with a great deal of knowledge about the environment and lifestyle of rural Nepal.
  • Mr. Karki Lila Bahadur Mr. Karki Lila Bahadur Trekking Guide & Chef LILA BAHADUR KARKI works as a chef as well as trekking guide for Himalayan Advisor. He is from the eastern part of Nepal in the village of Jiri where Sir Edmund Hillary began his expedition to the top of Mt. Everest. He is an excellent cook and is able to prepare some excellent meals in the middle of nowhere.
  • Mr. Bagale Hom Mr. Bagale Hom Trekking Guide HOM PRASAD BAGALE is a trekking guide from Gorkha District with extensive experience in some of the more remote areas of Nepal like Mustang. An experienced guide who loves the mountain life, he leads an incredible adventure into the far reaches of Nepal’s wild Himalayas.
  • Mr. Tamang Bal Bahadur Mr. Tamang Bal Bahadur Trekking Guide BAL BAHADUR TAMANG is one of those gems of a trekking guide that we have discovered way up in the mountains. Although only in his mid twenties he is from South of Lukla in the Mt. Everest region. We discovered him as a porter in 2008 and brought him on board. He is now an experienced guide with extensive knowledge of the very rural areas of the country.