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Special Interest

Special InterestEveryone pretty much knows that Nepal is home to the mighty Himalaya Mountains. But did you know that within 150 km of Mt. Everest lies some of the most incredible jungles in the world?

In just a short distance from Mt. Everest, the land to the south near the Indian border is only 60 meters in elevation. In this Special Interest Nepal area, you will find the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger who still stalks the jungles as its personal domain. There are the rare Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros, the fish-eating Gharial crocodile along with a vast variety of birds, animals and butterflies.

This region is called the Terai and is the very northern border of the plains of India. From the Terai, the land begins to rise upward into the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Here you will find jungles, animals, and slow moving rivers as well as people who have lived in remote villages with their traditional cultures over the centuries.

A Special Interest Nepal is much more than just jungles. There are rafting trips down fast-flowing mountain streams that flow into slow moving rivers on their way to the Bay of Bengal. Look for rare birds and animals, or see the beauty of all the varieties of Nepal butterflies who’s colorful wings delight all who behold.

A Special Interest Nepal tour may be exactly what you are looking for. Nepal may be a little country, but it is big in what it can offer.

Special Interest

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