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Budget travel in Himalayas !
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Why with us ?

When you look at all of the web-sites out there for travel in Nepal, it can be very confusing to say the least. What it boils down to is the question: “Why with us?”

Himalayan Advisor not only expects this question – we actually encourage it. We know that we can withstand your most careful scrutiny in order to be the very company you select.

Why are we so confident? Let’s we give you some good reasons:

  • Budget PricingWe can produce the lowest prices without skimping on quality of service. That is because we have the personal contacts in the industry to work the best deals on your behalf.
  • Personal Service – Some people’s idea of a “budget company” is like a cookie cutter. The attitude: “take it or leave it.” Such is not true with Himalayan Advisor. Instead, we carefully listen to you and your needs. Every one of our clients is different, and we proudly respect those differences. Only when you listen to your customers can you give them the best personal service.
  • Service After the Sale – Himalayan Advisor doesn’t just take your money and forget about you – we remain available 24/7 for you no matter what your needs. Our hotline and mobile numbers are always available day or night so if there is any problems or concerns, we can take care of it for you. Even if it’s a need for an extra blanket at a tea house, we can make sure you get it because of our service and connections.
  • Qualified Guides and Porters – Most trekking companies are “broker houses”, whereby they don’t actually have their own guides, but once they book a trek, they start to call up everyone and anyone in order to find someone to take you on your trip. Not Himalayan Advisor. Our guides work exclusively for us, and are trained by us. We make sure they meet the highest possible standards, which is well above what the Government of Nepal sets. We know that only by having high demands of our people, we can provide the best service for you.
  • Straight Talk – We have all heard of the Asian “Double-Talk” where nothing definite is every said. Not the case at Himalayan Advisor. We know that other cultures don’t appreciate this kind of deception, and we make sure that everything is spelled out in writing so there are no misunderstandings. There are no hidden charges or “surprises”.

Have any other questions about Himalayan Advisor? Not to worry, we are happy to field your questions and concerns. We want your full confidence before you become a customer. We know that once we have your confidence, you will be back again and again. We count on it!