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Booking Terms & Condition

Booking terms and Conditions
Please read cautiously the “Term and conditions” and of you are willing to accept our term and conditions you can more forward for online trip booking.
Guest Agreement and Declaration
All the holidays provide in our sites are operated by Himalayan Advisor P. Ltd. (There after for the rest of the document is called HA Company or by us). Our company registration no is 81922/067/068 and the registration office is in Chaksibari Thamel, Kathmandu . A member of The Trekking Agent Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) is a group of companies and are sold to the following conditions.
Himalayan Advisor P. Ltd “Trip booking terms and conditions”

  1. You must understand that your trip booking reservation is only with receipt as anon refundable deposit of 20% of the total payment per person and per trip. Deposit must be received within 15 days of booking or your reservation will be automatically being rejected. Deposit is nor transferable neither refundable.
  2. You should be aware of the mode of balance of due payment that should be paid at the time of arrival in Kathmandu or at the time of the commence of trip.
  3. The mode of payment of  deposit for Himalayan Advisor is the understanding with the client who has gone through details and have fully understand the booking terms and conditions and has accepted.
  4. You should understand that our price tariff is based package price of accommodation and a twin share basis. If you wish to different the package than you are likely for any accommodation, flight, food or other variations that are not acceptable in writing withHimalayan Advisor. The customer avows that they are the inclusions and are not included the items in the package as seen in the Himalayan Advisor certification.
  5. You understand that the payment of deposit, The Himalayan Advisor understanding that the client should know the hardships difficulties and plausible dangers of tours/treks and expeditions with Himalayan Advisor and accepts these conditions.
  6. You must understand that the payment of deposit with the Himalayan Advisor is based on the understanding with the clients to undertake a full medical checkup prior to undergo any calisthenics on training program for the preparation of tours, treks and expeditions in the Himalayas.
  7. You should understand that your personal defense is of sovereign or regnant importance for us and hence it is imperative  that you advise us at the same time while booking any condition regarding medical and other relevant things otherwise it might felt you and your kith and kens enjoyment for the trip.


  1. When you log in to the sites you should understand that our trips either from Kathmandu or as it are prescribed in the itinerary. Our trip price does not include the international flight to or from your native home as it is mentioned in particular trips. If you forbid the trek on your decision due to ailment or accident or as a result or official action by the government of the country.
  2. The Himalayan Advisor will provide a brochure to each individual with a list of what is included and what’s not.
  3. You should know that it is the travelers own to pay telephone bills, extra night accommodations, additional meals and personal gears while touring, trekking and expending.


  1. You should be well aware about the accommodation which is twin sharing room as mentioned in the trip given itinerary. Accommodation may be upgraded with a single room and subject to availability a price for the room will be changed.
  2. You should keep in mind at the times of ailment before trip or due to other circumstances of you insist to change your accommodation while tours or any other forms of trek you are liable to pay additional amount for extra nights.
  3. The extra nights are fully on us of the client and they must pay to the firm, lodging accommodation can be shifted to different motel or a hotel and request and different cost are likely to be bear by the clients itself. If we change the hotel the company will bear al the expenses and the client will be informed for the hotel expenses.
  4. The accommodation at the time of treks and expeditions can differ as per the contract for camp or tea house. There is no guarantee that teahouse lodging or camping in the glass land will be available. Overnight lodging is based on non booking system but first come first serve basis in the mountainous region and some parts can be arranged in advance booking. The company will assure to make available the best teahouse lodging for our guest at available time.

PASSPORT:  you must require having a current passport and must be valid for 6 month prior to the dates of your departure.  It is essential to have a visa to make an entry in each country. The visa of Nepal can be obtain at the time of your arrival, but the visa of Bhutan is arranged by the company and of you visit to Tibet from Nepal is also arranged by the firm unless you have the visa of India on your own. All the fees of visas are excluded on the cost of trip by mentioning in the inclusions of trip.

  1. You must be aware of the facts that our Himalayan Advisor accepts no responsibility for any damages caused by the clients while tours, treks, and expeditions.
  2. You should know that any clients who have caused damage of hiring gears and equipment will have to compensate and the jury of the company will make assessment this.


  1. You should realize the fact that early  departure from the hike must evacuate prior to the specified days and will  accrue the cost of additional staff, transportation, administration costs including telephone bills and all other expenses should accurate while returning Kathmandu.
  2. You also know that the customers are highly responsible for organizing accommodation to pay the Hotel for their direct stay, the trekkers himself will be responsible for all these types of cost.
  3. You should realize on your own for the necessity to request a helicopter and will raise you out and must be liable to bear the costs. Himalayan Advisor will bear you bill for these additional costs. It is your own to organize the mode of payment claiming through your Travel Insurance Company.


  1. At the time of emergency events while treks, tours and expeditions our Himalayan Advisor staff will assess the problem and our staff will act accordingly to the situation
  2. If a Helicopter required HA consultant you can contact your next kin who is mentioned in your trekking forms and Travel Insurance Company will implement and evacuate.
  3. By going through all these costs regarding to medical and emergency  evacuation it will be charged to the trekkers inclusively and without limited to administrations cost, phone cells, staff wages helping in the evacuation.
  4. You must realize that of an infant or a child requires a medical emergency the grownups or the parents must accompany the children.
  5. It is important that accommodation is required due to the evacuation it is responsible for the client and must be paid to the company for booking hotel.

Hiring Gear
1:  The Company hires gears and equipment to trekkers for the purpose of tours, treks and expeditions
2:  You must be careful that if any kind of damages has been to hiking gears the trekkers have to bear the expenses.
Trekking and climbing and mountaineering in remote or outskirts of the Himalayan countries carries an natural risk as weather can cause severe injury and might load death, but this is beyond our  control. We regularly and always do our best to diminish any kinds of risk and peril as per our convenience and capacity, but still there are possibilities of having accidents and you must be willing to accept.
1: It is compulsion for each traveler to have a proper travel insurance policy prior to your departure from Kathmandu.
2: You should know that the policy can take for granted for the cancellation of your trip or for the loss of your private items and the cost of emergency evacuation by air to the nearest infirmary if essential for medical treatment.
3: You must know that HA requires all details regarding your travel insurance before departure. Details should include your full name, policy number, date of travel destinations to the Travel Insurance Company’s 24 hours emergency phone number etc.
4: You must understand that HA has the right to refuse to organize the medical evacuation if the customer has not submitted their insurance details ere to their trek departure. Instantly the next of kin will need to organize for the medical evacuation.
5: You should be aware of all the lagaages and laggages or personal things all times and in all circumstances at the risk of the respective client. The company is not all responsibilities for the loss or the late arrival of the laggages. Luggage insurance is recommended.
6: The clients should acknowledge their trekking gears, personal belongings, medical and other essential items necessary for tours, treks, expeditions in their bag and the necessities such as boots, medical kit as a requirement. This is a related subject as per aircraft rules and regulation.
7: The clients should realize they are fully responsible for all costs associated linked with tours, treks, expeditions during due dale to their late arrival at the times of trek as well as their laggages.

1: You must be aware of the advance deposit and it is non refundable and non transferable. If the firm cannot organize the trip due to the policies of the government unforeseen conditions full advance deposit will be refundable. 
2: You should also know that after the trip departure the full paid amount will not be refundable at any cases. This reason our firm strongly recommends that your travel insurance policy includes cancellation charges in the event of rejecting due to illness or other relative problems.
BOOK: We are fully licensed and as tour/ treks expeditions operator. We belong to the member of TAAN, NMA, authorized by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal Government. You can book the trip with.